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Ippudo Premium Member
Ippudo Premium Member
Ippudo Premium Member

I recently became a Ippudo Premium Member! sigh*

As I illustrated above, you have to clear 3 stages in order to become a premium member. You have to eat a total of 60 bowls of ramen during a limited period of time to get your Premium Member’s card. I just want to clarify that I did NOT eat all 60 by myself… My friends and family gave me some of their stamps :p

When you clear each of the stages, you get some sort of perk for completing it. For the first few stages, you get a small booklet with coupons for free stuff like kaedama (extra noodles) and half gyoza. Once you clear the final level and become Premium status though, you can take up to 3 guests with you and (all of us) can enjoy a free kaedama or a free topping (flavored egg) every time you visit Ippudo for a year. Note that this is only applicable to the Ippudo Japan locations.

I also received an amazing Premium Gift Package (shown in the pictures above)! It included all of the following items:

– Ippudo ceramic bowl that says “Thank You!” at the bottom
– Ippudo original chopsticks
– Ren-geh (Chinese spoon)
– Ippudo towel
– Ippudo ramen home set (comes with akamaru and shiromaru with an extra kaedama!)
I’m very pleased with this generous gift set that they provide to their loyal customers.






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3 comments on “Ippudo Premium Member

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  2. Hi! I would like to know what will happen after a year being a premium member? I’m now in the second stage and probably will finish collecting the stamps for the 60 ramens in the coming year when I visit Japan again. The Ramen in Ippudo is just fantastic!

    Jacky on
    • I’m not exactly sure what will happen as mine still hasn’t expired yet but I’m assuming I just lose the privilege of getting the free ajitama & kaedama (You can get up to 4 things for free per visit and you can use it all for yourself or share it with up to 4 people). It’s really awesome, G’luck!

      maki on

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