{  Imokin – 芋きん  }

Imokin - 芋きん
Imokin - 芋きん
Imokin - 芋きん

Are you a sweet potato fan? If so, you’ll love this. This Japanese dessert is filled with condensed sweet potato and it only lasts 24hrs from when you purchase it at the store! It’s best eaten freshly-made when it’s crispy on the outside and warm in the inside. If you save it for later, they suggest you toast it first. Give it a try if you’re ever near an “Imo-kin” shop. There’s multiple locations with the main shop in Asakusa as well as one inside of Haneda Airport. I happened to go to the one in Ueno inside of the Matsuzakaya building so that’s the one pictured here.

Address // Matsuzakaya B1F, 3-29-5, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3832-1111
Website // http://www.mangando.jp/product/imokin.html


12 comments on “Imokin – 芋きん

  1. Love sweet potato! Too bad I’m not in Japan…but hope to visit again soon! Will definitely look for these! Love your posts!

    Alaine on
    • Thank you!

      maki on
  2. I’m near ueno on my visit to yanaka . Do you know if they have dairy in them or is it just potatoe? I’m vegan so cannot have milk or eggs .

    Justine on
    • I don’t think these contain milk or egg from what I’ve read online but you might want to double check if you want to be safe.

      maki on
  3. I’m a sweet potato fan! Sob…

    Tomo on
  4. I love Japanese sweet potato and will have to put this on my list of eats the next time I’m in Tokyo. One of my favorites is the sweet potato apple pie from Rapoppo, walking through Shinjuku station the smell is heavenly!!!

    Lan on
    • I like the sweet potato apple pie from Rapoppo too! You’ll probably like this too then :)

      maki on
  5. Was looking forward to trying this but the store in Matsuzakaya is not there anymore. Will have to look out for it elsewhere.

    By the way, I love your website. I’ve been to quite a few of the places you have recommended and they’ve all been lovely!! :-)

    Laura on
    • Thanks for letting me know that it’s not inside of Matsuzakaya anymore. They have multiple locations but the main location is located in Asakusa. It’s called 満願堂 本店 (map).

      aww thank you! It’s great to hear that you’ve enjoyed my recommendations :)

      maki on
  6. I finally went to the main store in Asakusa. It was delicious! I’m already thinking about when to go again :-))

    Laura on
    • Glad you liked it :)

      maki on
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