{  Beginner friendly Green Smoothie  }

Green Smoothie Recipe
Green Smoothie Recipe
Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies are becoming popular here in Japan and I thought I’d try making one after researching for some recipes online. I might be late in the game but my first green smoothie was a lot easier to drink than I thought and loved it! Thought I’d share this beginner friendly Green Smoothie with you~

– Banana — 1
– Apple — 1/2
– Kiwi — 1
– Komatsuna (or Spinach)
– Water — 100cc

Note: If you don’t like apple skin, peel it first and then put it in. If you do include the apple skin, make sure you wash it well so the wax comes off.


最近良く見かけるグリーンスムージーを家で作ってみようと思い、いろいろ調べて作ってみました。思った以上に美味しく飲みやすかったので、初めての方でもチャレンジできるレシピを紹介したいと思います。健康にもダイエットにもいいので是非作ってみて下さい (▰˘◡˘▰)

– バナナ 1本
– りんご 1/2個
– キウイ 1個
– 小松菜(あるいはほうれん草)1~2株
– 水 100cc

※ りんごの皮が苦手な方は皮をむいてから入れてください。皮ごと入れる場合はしっかりりんごの表面を洗ってくださいね。

7 comments on “Beginner friendly Green Smoothie

  1. I tried to make it just now. I could hardly spot the taste of raw spinach:) awesome recipe. Thank you Maki and have a nice day <3

    Ziep on
    • Glad you liked it! I’ve been drinking it for breakfast every morning and feeling great :)

      maki on
  2. hi maki!

    i just wanted to say that i recently discovered your website & i LOVE it! the layout and design are so cute and pretty, and your photos are always such high quality d(^^)b


    yui on
    • awww, Thank you Yui! 是非食べ歩きしてみて下さい~♪

      maki on
  3. Just started to make smoothies my self in the last few weeks. I will give this one a try. I had mango passion fruit and banana to day.

    Justine on
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