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German Newspaper

I was recently quoted in a German Newspaper, Rheinische Post (rp-online.de), talking about what I think is the trendiest food in Tokyo right now. The newspaper did a feature with other food bloggers from Sydney, London, New York, and Seoul each talking about what they think the new food trends are in their region. Click through to see what I had to say about Tokyo’s trends :) (the article is written in German)


3 comments on “German Newspaper

  1. Great for you and your blog ! ^_^

    Karen on
  2. Hey ! I’ve just discovered your blog and it’s so great ! I wanna try every restaurant you propose on it hihi
    I’m happy for you for this article ;)

    By the way, what is the name of the restaurant you are in the photo of the article ? It seems so pretty , I wanna go there in my next trip in Japan, I love those kind of places ^^

    Continue this amazing blog ! And thank you !

    Léa on
  3. Great blog! I’m definitely going to check out Suzunami when I am in Roppongi next week. I too would like to know where the photo was taken in the German food blog interview. That “tree house” looks really interesting! Thank you!

    adam on

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