{  Dougenzaka Kanamori — 道玄坂金森  }

Dougenzaka Kanamori - 道玄坂 金森
Dougenzaka Kanamori - 道玄坂 金森
Dougenzaka Kanamori - 道玄坂 金森

Go up Dougenzaka in Shibuya and you’ll find a small Japanese restaurant named Dougenzaka Kanamori. They serve traditional Japanese dishes and they’re famous for their “Karatsu-don” which they only have a limited number of per day. Karatsudon is basically like a refined fisherman’s dish. It’s made up of chopped tuna, mackerel, salmon, and some other ingredients which are lightly flavored with soy sauce on top of sushi rice.

I’ve been wanting to come here for a while and finally got to check it out. My friend and I both ordered the Karatsudon (1300yen) and we were very satisfied with both the flavoring and the portion size. As you eat the donburi, there are little surprises such as ginger pieces and wasabi which all went very well together. The side dishes such as the dashimaki-tamago complemented the main dish as well.

The first floor is counter seating only and the second floor (which we ate at) were private booths. It seemed like there was more seating on the third floor as well.

It’s hard to find an affordable, nice, authentic Japanese restaurant in Shibuya so this is a good one to try if you’re searching for something Japanese in the area.

PS: Here’s a list of some of their lunch options:
Karatsudon (唐津丼 ) – 1300yen
Nikujyaga Teishoku (金森の肉じゃが定食) – 1300yen
Grilled Fish Teishoku (焼魚定食) – fish changes daily – 1300yen
Boiled fish (煮魚定食) – fish changes daily – 1300yen

Address // 1-17-4, Dougenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5456-1367
Website // http://dogenzaka-kanamori.jimdo.com/


2 comments on “Dougenzaka Kanamori — 道玄坂金森

  1. Nice hidden spot for traditional dishes!

    Karen on
  2. Hi Maki,

    How should I get to this restaurant? What exit should I take if I’m on the metro? Super exited to visit this restaurant plus a couple more from your book (it arrived today and its super awesome!)

    Thank you!

    tina on

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