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Clinton St. Baking Company
Clinton St. Baking Company
Clinton St. Baking Company
Clinton St. Baking Company
Clinton St. Baking Company

I have been searching for a hearty delicious breakfast joint for a while and I finally found one. Clinton Street Baking Co. came from NY and made it’s opening debut at the end of August 2013. This place has a long line out the door as almost every popular Japanese pancake place does, but since it’s in a slightly random location there could be days that you will get lucky to have a shorter line. The first time we came here was during the opening week and the lines weren’t too long so it only took about an hour to be seated. The second time we visited was around 11:30am and the line was ridiculously long so we gave up. The third time was a little earlier around 10AM on a rainy day and we only had to wait about 15min. I think this place became such a popular spot so quickly due to it’s delicious pancakes.

Pictured above are their Blueberry Pancakes + Banana Walnut Pancakes with warm maple butter for 1500yen each. Also pictured are the Huevos Rancheros (1500yen) as well as the Eggs Benedict (1600yen). We’ve also tried their chocolate scone (250yen) as well as the corn bread (250yen). Everything was so good with the single exception of the Eggs Benedict. Sadly I was very disappointed with the uber dry scone under the eggs (instead of the usual english muffin). However, their pancakes and Huevos Rancheros were both absolutely delicious. We also noticed that compared to the first time we visited, their service and kitchen flow got so much smoother which was an improvement. Come here if you want a hearty breakfast and some seriously delicious pancakes.

Their online menu: Link

Address // 5-17-1, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-6450-5944
Website // http://clintonstreetbaking.co.jp/


9 comments on “Clinton St. Baking Company

  1. May I know how to get there? First time going to tokyo though. :D

    Kelly on
    • I just went there today! It’s pretty easy to find. Just take the Chiyoda, Ginza, or Hanzomon line to Omotesando Station. (Google Maps is your friend!) Get out at Exit B1 and keep going straight along Aoyama-dori. Turn left at the light (there’s a Max Mara on the corner) onto Kotto-dori. Go straight for about 3 traffic lights (not counting the one you passed when you turn left). It’ll be on your right, probably with a line out the door. I went around 4:15 pm today, and there was no line, though there were only two counter seats were available; all the tables were taken.

      Peggy on
    • Thanks to Peggy for the detailed directions! Here’s the link to google maps if you haven’t seen it yet.

      maki on
    • thank you peggy so much!! I dont intend to buy a sim card when im there..therefore I nid to find e directions 1st. :p

      Kelly on
  2. I agree. I went there late last year, and ordered the Country Breakfast, which they serve with a scone. I would much rather have just plain toast as the scone was dry and really didn’t fit the meal. Otherwise, everything else is pretty good and portions are big.

    PX on
    • Would love to go to the original location in NY one day :)

      maki on
  3. Visited the restaurant today for brunch. We waited about 20 minutes in line outside the restaurant. I am glad it wasn’t raining. They don’t have Baby high chairs available. Restaurant space very small as it seems they have cramped more tables than they can comfortably accomodate. Our server barely spoke English. The bathroom is just adjacent to the tables and next to the kitchen not very private. Plus you get a Female toilet and a combined Male/female…. The Food was incredible and for a moment we thought we were in a up class IHOP back in Houston! I was shattered when it came to pay the bill as they don’t take credit cards and the closest ‘global ATM’ is at the Citibank. I would not recommend for families with Children and not localized to Japan.

    Team PPW on
  4. The food was amazing but the server was rude.
    We went there today. We were four adults and two toddlers. We were very surprised that as soon as we got seated, the waitress told us ” if the kids get loud, you have to bring them outside” I never experienced something like this before. We had to be very nervous after that. Every time kids made little noise we had to have tension because the waitress was watching us almost the whole time. The restraunt was definitely not kidsfriendsly. You shouldn’t bring kids there. We loved the food though…..

    Mai on
    • Sorry to hear that this place is not very kid friendly… that sucks :(
      Glad you at least enjoyed the food.

      maki on

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