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Tsukemen with organic veggies?!


Camino is located In the residential neighborhood of Ikejiriohashi/Mishuku (right next to Shibuya). It’s a small shop that serves tsukemen along with organically grown vegetables from the Tochigi prefecture. Just take a look at the amount of beautiful fresh vegetables in the dish pictured above! Some are served raw while others are grilled. Every single veggie also had a strong flavor to it which made it even more delicious.

This shop has a few different broths of ramen and tsukemen, but they are famous for their vegetable tsukemen dish. We ordered the “Vegetable tsukemen + egg + Futsumori(regular amount of noodles)” for 1250yen and “Shio Vegetable Tsukemen”(1050yen). Since it comes with a lot of veggies, their regular tsukemen comes with slightly less noodles so most men tend to order the “Futsumori” for an extra 100yen. In fact, I didn’t get the futsumori and regretted since I found myself wanting more noodles! Both broths were yummy but we liked the original tsukemen broth a little more. Their broth is made from tonkotsu + gyokai = pork broth + fish broth.

Ramen and tsukemen tend to be considered an unhealthy choice nutrtion-wise, but when you include this much veggies in your meal, you don’t feel quite so bad. This tsukemen might have become my personal fav already. yummmmm

Address // 2-11-33, Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-3487-0694
Website // http://blog.livedoor.jp/camino_noodle/


4 comments on “Camino

  1. Omg! this post was really mouthwatering!
    it kind of reminds me of my favorite ramen.
    im going to Hokkaido next next month with my schoolmates( yes, school trip) and ive heard so many good things about hokkaido including their ramen and ice cream!
    cant wait to try hokkaido food!
    have you been to hokkaido?
    any suggestions? recommendations? x

    Ena on
    • Yes, Hokkaido during the summer is great! If you’re going there with your school, you may not have much flexibility(?) but no matter which part you visit, definitely try their melons and soft-serves. If you go to Furano, try their lavender soft-serve! Or kill two birds with one stone and get the melon with the soft-serve on the top ;)

      maki on
  2. It makes me drool! It looks so tasty with all these vegetables ^o^

    Karen on
    • Everything went so well together :)

      maki on

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