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Bills - Shichirigahama
Bills - Shichirigahama

Finally got to eat at Bills in Shichirigahama!

This place is somehow known for having “The Worlds Best Breakfast”. I’m not sure if it really lives up to that standard but they sure do have some tasty food. Since we knew this place gets VERY crowded on the weekends, we went here during the week on a Friday hoping to avoid the crowds. We got there at around 1:30pm and were seated at 3:15pm… It ended up being almost a 2hr wait but we went to another cafe to kill time so it was fine.

Bills is located at a fabulous location. They have a great open view of the ocean and it’s very airy and bright. The cafe is decorated beautifully as well and I loved the feeling of the place. We ordered their famous ricotta cheese pancakes with banana and honeycomb butter (1400yen), Sweetcorn fritters with roasted tomato, spinach, bacon and avocado salad (1400yen), and Parmesan crumbed chicken schnitzel with spicy slaw (1500yen). They were all delicious and made us want to come back to try their scrambled eggs which is another one of their popular dishes.

I thought this place might just be all hype but now I can see why people love it. If only they didn’t have such a long wait I’d be there much more often.

Address // 1-1-1, Shichirigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 0467-39-2244
Website // www.bills-jp.net


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  3. Hi there, do you know if there is a wait in the morning for breakfast on a weekday? I believe that they do not take reservations for breakfast, correct?


    Michael on

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