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AS Classics Diner
AS Classics Diner
AS Classics Diner
AS Classics Diner

AS Classics Diner is owned by the same owner as A&G Diner at Gaienmae. AS Classics Diner also has opened a location in Roppongi Hills so you can try their burgers at any of these locations.

They are an American-style burger joint inspired by the 60’s and are quite popular with the locals here. The location we went to is right by Komazawa Olympic Park and gets crowded on the weekends. All of their burgers include tomato, grilled onions, lettuce, original sauce, an original bun and the meat itself is 100% beef. For lunch, we ordered the “Hamburger Lunch set” (1050yen), which comes with fries and a drink of your choice. We also added a small salad (extra 157yen) and customized our burgers a bit by adding cheese (extra 105yen) and avocado (extra 105yen).

The burgers here are not as large as American-sized burgers but they are still larger than regular Japanese burger joints. I was quite full after my meal. The meat has a smokey grilled flavor to it and it’s pretty good. Their monthly burgers are also popular. If you’re hungry for a burger and close to any of these locations, I recommend giving it a try.

Hours // 9am – 11pm
Closed // Tuesday
Smoking // They allow smoking except on weekends between 11am – 4pm, it’s completely non-smoking
Note // Pets allowed on their terrace seating only

Address // 5-9-22, Yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number // 03-5701-5033
Website // http://www.asclassics.com/


4 comments on “AS Classics Diner

  1. Oh this looks good! My favorite burger place is in Machida, where they have this amazing handmade burgers. Didn’t have burgers in some months, wanted to make some myself but so far was unable to find burger buns in the supermarkets :(

    Sam Murakami on
    • There’s so many burger places in Tokyo now! Hope you get to eat some juicy burgers soon :)

      maki on
  2. I live in Toronto, it’s not easy to find healthy Japanese burger restaurant like this style here, I am not into burger much but this inspired me and I wan to make one for myself.

    Natalia on
  3. I tried these in Roppongi Hills and it is very good. I can’t eat them with the paper as it traps too much grease but other than that fantastic!

    Dave Powell on

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